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Upcoming Regattas:

2017 Championship of Nations


Being held this year on Australia's Gold Coast offers a unique opportunity for Kiwi sailors.


The 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations is being held in one of the finest and iconic destinations that Australia has to offer, the magical Gold Coast, and we are excited by all that the 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations has in store for RC laser sailors from around the world. 

Registration Details

Registrations have started coming in from all over the 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations.   We are excited to announce that to date  we have representation from UK, Sweden, USA and Australia. We need to advise all prospective entrants that 1st and 2nd round allocations as well as ‘cut off’ entry dates are limited for each country, so it is important to start registering now, to avoid disappointment.  Register at www.lasers2017.org or register here

The event organisers have a superb programme lined up and are excited to show their overseas visitors a little of what they have to offer ‘ Down Under’


The Stunning Emerald Lakes is the Race Venue


The 2017 RC Laser Championship of Nations event , hosted by Paradise Radio Yacht Club, runs from Monday 6 November to Saturday 11 November at Emeralds Lakes, Carrara, Gold Coast and includes the following race activities:

Monday 6th November           Registration and practice sailing / Evening Welcome Function

Tuesday 7th November          Racing Day

Wednesday 8th November   Racing Day

Thursday 9th November        Racing Day

Friday 10th November            Lay Day (may be used for racing)

Saturday 11 November          Last Racing Day / Presentation and Farewell Dinner

More Information and Registration at www.lasers2017.org

Previous Regattas:

2017 Inter Island Champs


The RC Laser NZ Inter-Island Champs were raced at the Southern Reservoir in Dunedin on 5th and 6th May 2017.

Overall Results:
1st - NZL 02 Graham Watson (North Island)
2nd - NZL 03 Rob Todd (South Island)
3rd - NZL 07 Norm Sinclair (South Island)
4th - NZL 06 Alan Fraser (South Island)
5th - NZL 05 Dragos Blaga (South Island)
6th - NZL 04 Kevin Brown (South Island)
7th - NZL 10 Tim Hills (South Island)
8th - NZL 01 Colin Moodie (South Island)

Day One:
Day one dawned with a blustery 20 to 30 knot Sou' Wester. C Rigs were the order of the day.
The conditions were very challenging and some races saw the fleet quite spread out. A broach or two could dramatically cost you several places in any race. Lots of thrills 'n spills.
Eight races were completed in the morning session and seven in the afternoon.
After a total of 15 races there was a first equal placing between NZL02 and NZL03. 
Alan Fraser (NZL06) could only sail on Friday so missed out on the best racing on Day 2.

Day Two:
What a difference a day makes. Day 2 conditions were perfect.
On the upper limit of an A Rig, the B rigs were the most utilised.
The calmer conditions kept racing close with plenty of lead changes.
Again we had 8 races in the morning and 7 in the afternoon.
A few dark horses emerged and I think the overall results could have been different if we had these conditions over both days. Neil "Pinkey" Morris sailed NZL06 on Day 2 and took a couple of races, his real Laser skills showing through. Dragos (NZL05) also sails full size Lasers and shows he will be a force to be reckoned with once he masters the controls. Norm (NZL07) showed that consistency definitely pays off to come in a creditable 3rd overall.
Kevin (NZL04) had a few rudder problems but won a lot of the starts and grabbed the odd win as well. 
Graham (NZL02) and Rob (NZL03) kept close tabs on each other all day trading blows for top spot. The overall result showed Graham finally held out to take First overall with Rob a close 2nd.

A lack of a designated photographer meant Tim Hills was trying to race and take photos as well.. Not easy, particularly on Day One. Thanks Tim. Tim also gets the prize for quickest rig change.

Colin borrowed NZL01 for the series and improved throughout. Colin is now looking to get his own boat.

Overall the series was a great success and a good time had by all. A definitive moment on the road to further establishing this class in NZ. We all look forward to many more contests.

Agreed by all attending that the RC Laser puts the onus back on the sailor to achieve results and the boats prove to be very reliable and inexpensive, with great close racing. I had no issues transporting 2 x RC Lasers from Auckland to Dunedin just in their bags put through as oversize items with Jetstar, proving they are very transportable.


2017 Otago Icebreaker Regatta


The RC Laser NZ Ice-Breaker Regatta was sailed at Conroy’s Dam, Alexandra, Central Otago on the 27th & 28th May 2017.


Overall Results:

1st  – NZL 03 Rob Todd (Dunedin)

2nd – NZL 05 Dragos Blaga (Mosgiel)

3rd – NZl 07 Norm Sinclair (Dunedin)

4th – NZl 10 Tim Hills (Dunedin)

5th – NZL 04 Kevin Brown (Alexandra)

6th – NZL 11 Alan Baker ( Invercargill)

Day  One

Day one dawned with a cool start, virtually no wind and weak sunshine. “A” rigs were the only choice. As the first race was extremely light and a real challenge, it was decided that the racing be adjourned for lunch.  The wind then slowly picked up, producing enough movement to actually sail. The races had to be short, but a total of 9 were managed before the days temperature cooled down. By then, Rob Todd (NZL 03) had built up a sizeable lead. However, only 5 points separated the other 5 boats. It was the sort of day where an accidental “stuck in Irons” was very costly, making it quite hard to recover from. Great to see 8 very keen spectators, mostly ex-yachtsmen of the more mature vintage, who had been alerted to the event by the pre-regatta publicity, as had Alan Baker (NZ 11) from Invercargill. Murray Watson, a genuine Central Otago character, was spotted on various controllers, handling the Laser in an exceptionally competent manner. Not only does it appear that Murray may be keen to have more future involvement with the RC Laser fleet, but his partner Jan is also enthusiastic. Murray’s mate saved the day for Norm Sinclair (NZL 07) by going home to Cromwell, and returning with a replacement battery pack. In short it was Rob Todd’s day with a substantial lead built up. Rob is the instigator of the Otago RC Laser fleet, and also the organiser of both of the recent Otago regattas. 


Day Two

A better day, a typical pleasant Central Otago winters day, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Luckily it hadn’t been too cold over night, and there was only a slight frost, which quickly thawed. With all of the 6 contestants & partners (3 couples in their motor homes) staying at “Chateau Le Brown” (NZL 04) a delightful spot on the edge of Alexandra, Kevin kindly put on a splendid BBQ breakfast. This allowed the day to warm a little, and by the time we got to the dam, a slight breeze had picked up. The racing started with a very light drifter breeze, which again suited Dragos Blaga (NZL 05) and Tim Hills (NZL 10) The breeze then picked up to a point where “B” rigs were used for the last several races. Dragos had by then got his act together, and was putting pressure on the results. Norm was consistent throughout both days. The visitor from Invercargill, Alan recovered remarkably well from a few knockbacks, despite having had virtually no practice, being on his own down South (however, the rumours are:-  that will change in the future!)  Kevin and Tim were very close (one point in it finally) It was really amazing to see the close racing around the track most of the time, with one mistake being quite hard to recover from. Mind you, that is Yacht Racing at its best, hoping that the other guy also makes one, allowing you to catch up, but also normally with someone close enough to have a tussle with. Half a dozen interested spectators were observed on Day 2.

Due to the breeze having kicked in, & the travelling home times for participants, it was decided to knock off 8 races in succession, and then return to Kevin’s place for lunch.

The camaraderie was great, Kevin & Heather’s hospitality was most generous, not only accommodating all of the participants, but in arranging a “Pot Lock” tea which included several additional interested friends. Thanks must go to Dragos’ wife Luciana, who is a photographer “extraordinaire” producing the close up shots of day 2 of the event. Thanks also to all the partners of the participants who came along to enjoy the social side of this event.

In conclusion, this event was “Serious Fun” at its best. Great to see increasing interest in RC Laser sailing around New Zealand.   

Inaugural RC Laser South Australia State Titles

An invitation has been extended to all Kiwi skippers to attend the first RC Laser South Australia State Titles on Saturday 19th August. Importantly, we are commencing this event in the year of the Championship of Nations(CON), to give the opportunity to those sailors who are keen enough to travel interstate to gain extra experience in this important year.


The RC Laser South Australia State Titles will be held at the Adelaide Radio Control Yacht Club at the Patawalonga Lake, Glenelg North. This is the location where the RC Laser National titles were held in 2013, and is a great sailing location with reliable breezes. South Australia has a small but competitive RC Laser fleet, with five boats attending the CON this year.

The Notice of Race and entry forms for this event are now available on the Australian Radio Yachting Assoc. (ARYA) website (www.radiosailing.org.au). The entry fee is $30 and the closing date for entries is Friday 11th August.

Adelaide Radio Control Yacht Club is near Adelaide Airport and can be reached by turning right off Anzac Highway onto Adelphi Terrace and then left onto Anderson Avenue.

The timetable for the event will be as follows –

9.30am Briefing

10am Sailing commences

Lunch – the lunch period will be determined by the PRO and may depend on wind conditions.

4pm Last race will not commence beyond this time.

Lunch will be provided on the day. There will also be a dinner (not included in registration fee) at The Plank restaurant on Adelphi Terrace for those wishing to have an informal evening meal near the venue.

Full Details here